Our company, established in Kahramanmaras in 2002, is engaged in the marketing and intermediation services of all raw materials, semi-finished products and finished goods belonging to the textile industry, import-export of ready-to-wear products in the country and import- In the knitting and weaving group, we are buying and selling all kinds of yarn, raw fabric, finished fabric and ready-to-wear products and we serve our customers with quality control and service. The markets we serve are the United States, Italy, Germany and Russia at home and abroad, and we are working to add the new ones to our list.


Quality and continuous service to provide customer satisfaction.


We are protecting the markets we have, getting new markets, growing, serving national and international markets. Having been in the garment sector for a long time, we have established our production company, Naren Konfeksiyonu, which we own in 2011 and started to produce with our own brand. Naren Konfeksiyon Since 2011, model house has been producing cutting, sewing, quality control, ironing, package. Our main production is ladies' nightwear, pajamas and capri suits. However, they are mesh products such as basic t-shirts, polo t-shirts, sweat shirts. Naren Garment has a total production capacity of 1.5 million units both inside and outside with fully equipped teams and machines.